Our Autism Services

childpsych provides specialist autism services focused on assessment, diagnosis and intervention. Our autism interventions are delivered by psychologists accredited to work with children with autism spectrum disorders.

We specialise in:

  • Assessment and diagnosis of autism
  • Management of children with autism to age 18 years
  • Behavioural interventions, social skills, transition to school, treatment of other conditions such as anxiety, depression
  • Special education development classes and remedial teaching classes

We have a range of psychologists with various specialisations to ensure that children with autism are supported from infancy to young adulthood with. For example, we have educational psychologists skilled in understanding transition to school issues and the learning problems often seen in such children and adolescents.

We also have clinical psychologists who are skilled in treating anxiety and depression seen in children with an ASD.

Diagnostic Assessment

Our diagnostic process begins with a screening to determine if there are sufficient signs that a more comprehensive evaluation is necessary. A comprehensive evaluation usually involves observations of the child, neuropsychological assessments, and liaising with teachers, daycare workers and other adults involved to build a comphrehensive understanding of the child.

Early Intervention

Our early intervention services are delivered to children aged 7 or younger. This involves coordinating speech pathology, occupational therapy and child psychology services. We usually provide a mixture of 1:1 interventions with the child, and involve the parents. We draw on intervention approaches that have strong scientific evidence (see 'Evidence-based Interventions' right). Children in this age range usually qualify for FaHCSIA funding support. The aim is to develop children’s social communication, behavioural self control. We use approaches such as Pivotal Response Treatment to deliver interventions but also teach parents how to design and implement interventions using Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) to address behavioural problems, toileting and self care problems, and more.

Ongoing Intervention

For children older than 7, we provide 1:1 assistance, group programs to develop social skills and learning behaviours needed to function in a school setting. Depending on the child, we use child-friendly cognitive behavioural therapy for social skills, management of anxiety and learning to control anger and frustration.

Autism Behavioural Consultancy Services

childpsych psychologists can also provide behavioural consultancy services in the home.

We are able to:

  • Assist parents of young ASD children with in-home behaviour management (this is claimable under FaCHSIA funding, but not Medicare or private health)
  • Consult to schools on educational and behavioural interventions
  • Assist children with moving into, and through, the school environment
  • Advise on curriculum issues and classroom modifications
  • Link parents and children into existing support services

Make an appointment

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Other information

Read the National Autism Center's summary report and conclusions on the treatment of autism PDF Document (PDF, 328 KB).

Consider the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement on use of sensory integration treatments PDF Document (PDF, 665 KB).

childpsych psychologists meet Australian Psychological Society eligibility criteria for assessing and treating autism spectrum disorders