Internship Program

Receiving an intern placement at Childpsych has been a vital experience in my personal and professional development as a future psychologist. The thorough intern assessment program highlighted childpsych's emphasis and dedication in selection and training for future professionals, even before the commencement of this program.

The Childpsych internship program is most commended for their teaching psychologists who have proven to be extremely experienced and forthcoming about their wealth of knowledge of the discipline.

The clinic has made available numerous learning opportunities coupled with a strong supportive network. The quality of the learning does not fall short from a master's program and this experience has proved beyond valuable.

There are several pathways to registration as a psychologist in Australia:

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Our Internship Program is for those pursuing the 4+2 Internship or 5+1 Internship pathways, and offers 6-month internships in our clinic over two-and-a-half to three days a week, with flexible hours so you can work. Complete a single internship with us or as many as you need to build your psychological practice hours. Receive supervision from more than one supervisor and complete structured training.

We have structured our internships so that you develop your skills in line with the Psychology Board requirements.

You can expect to complete all your supervision requirements for full registration as a psychologist in just over two years. The diagram below shows the expected pathway to full registration for someone completing their internship over three full days:

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Our solution for 4+2 and 5+1 provisional psychologists

  • Rigorous training - The Psychology Board of Australia only requires you to have one hour of supervision for 17.5 hours of practice. Our internship program provides 2 hours of supervision for 17.5 hours of practice! Our Training Program involves skills development and weekly professional readings and exercises. We are striving to provide you with the same high standard expected in postgraduate psychology courses.
  • Mentors, not just supervisors - Our supervision program also involves setting your personal and career goals.
  • Broad psychological practice - If you complete an internship with us, you will learn to assess, diagnose and treat a range of childhood disorders such as AD/HD, Autism and anxiety.
  • Specialist supervisors - Your supervisors have many years of experience as a psychologist. You will have access to supervisors with expertise in educational psychology, clinical psychology and family therapy. You can receive supervision from several supervisors so you develop a range of knowledge and skills.

How to apply

Entry is competitive and you will need to attend an interview, complete psychological testing and demonstrate the ability to undertake a program such as this. We understand that our program may not suit everyone and we are committed to producing highly skilled psychologists

Download and complete the Clinical Training Programs Application Form, which is available in our prospectus (PDF document, 1.5MB) and submit along with all required supporting documentation.

Submit your application

Applications can be submitted via email: or by postal mail to: Internship Program, childpsych, PO Box 405, SHERWOOD Q, 4075.

More information

Information regarding costs, eligibility, and more can be found in our prospectus (PDF document, 1.5MB). If you have further questions regarding the Internship Program contact us via email: or by phone through the childpsych office on 07 3716 0445.