Social Kids

Learn social skills to last a lifetime

childpsych has developed a new child-centered group program for children aged 5 to 12 based on the latest research.

Social KidsTM helps develop emotional intelligence in boys and girls by encouraging self awareness, awareness of others emotions and social skills. Evaluation of Social Kids has shown improvements in children's social and emotional functioning.

The program is suited for children with social relationship problems as well as those children with an autism spectrum disorder, children-in-care (specific module) and ADD and AD/HD.


  • Improved behavioural self control
  • Improved control over emotions such as anger, anxiety and moodiness
  • Improved friendship making skills
  • Improved ability to "read" other people's emotions
  • Improved psychological health
  • Printed information for adults and the child to share and refer to in the future


Enquire at our reception about our next group or call us on 07 3716 0445 to register your interest.

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