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childpsych is now offering high quality, professional supervision to those who work with children and young people.

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Who may benefit from childpsych's Supervision Program?

We believe that high quality supervision is an important practice component that should be available to everyone who works with vulnerable children and young people. As such we recognise that supervision will be significant for:

  • Registered psychologists looking for external practice supervision i.e. private practitioners, government employees and NGO employees.
  • Registered psychologists seeking membership with a professional college i.e. clinical college and educational psychology college.
  • Probationary registered psychologists in a 4+2 or 5+1 model looking for specialised supervision to meet a current clinical need. See our Intership Program page for more information.
  • Probationary registered psychologists currently completing internships as part of a postgraduate course and needing external supervision.
  • Mental health and child services providers seeking practice supervision, i.e. social workers and clinical nurses working as mental health clinicians and needing child and youth mental health supervision, Child Safety Officers looking for practice supervision.

Why choose childpsych's Supervision Program?

Our Supervision Program difference is summarised in 6 ways:

  1. Your supervisor specialises in child and youth mental health. Rather than just having had some experience and training in the provision of service to young people, the supervisors at childpsych have specialised training and experience in this field and are passionate about what they do.
  2. Your supervisor is currently practicing in child and youth mental health. As such they are regularly practiced and familiar with the provision of therapy to young people, and are up to date in practice and therapeutic methods.
  3. Your supervisor works in an established and recognised practice with other similarly passionate professionals. They are familiar with the importance and value of peer consultation and review, and have the resources and knowledge of the practice at their disposal if required.
  4. Your supervisor practices within a structured and formalised supervision process. This ensures there are regular review and feedback periods, that high quality supervision is maintained and that the requirements of registration and college memberships are acknowledged.
  5. Your supervisor has an appreciation and respect for the need for ongoing professional learning and growth. Moreover, the Supervision Program at childpsych acknowledges the role supervision takes in this, and values the reciprocity of learning and growth between the supervisee and supervisor.
  6. Your supervisor is Supervisor Training and Accreditation Program endorsed. They have a passion for supervision, recognise the importance of good supervision and the impact of negative supervisory experiences.

How can supervision through childpsych's Supervision Program be accessed?

Our supervisors understand that while supervision is important, it can often be difficult to schedule or obtain due to competing workplace commitments. As such our supervisors strive to be flexible and may be able to assist you with the following in addition to face to face supervision:

  • Phone supervision
  • Out of hours supervision
  • Skype supervision
  • Offsite supervision

What are the rates for childpsych's Supervision Program?

Type Charge to Supervisee
Standard professional supervision $160
Supervision for membership to College (e.g. clinical or educational psychology) $195
Supervision for probationary psychologists completing the requirements of the registration program $160
Travel $30 (up to 30 minutes)
Cancellation 50% of invoiced hourly fee

NB: Each standard session is 60 minutes.

How can supervision through childpsych's Supervision Program be obtained?

All referrals are managed by Dr Katie Thompson who will assist with determining what supervision option, and which available supervisor, would best suit your needs.

Contact us

To make an appointment to speak to Katie over the phone, call our office on 07 3716 0445 or email her directly at