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A Families Dynamic

It is not reasonable to think that family life is going to be happy and harmonious all the time. Between the demands of everyday life and the differing needs of all members, disagreements are expected. When disagreements are not addressed, overtime families may develop unhealthy patterns of interacting that can impact on their connection with one-another. Throughout childhood, a child’s family are their main source of contact and influence as children develop, and as a result the dynamics of a family impact on the wellbeing of each member.

So what impacts on a family’s dynamic?

  • Substance use or compulsive tendencies,

  • Abrasive or controlling behaviours,

  • Inappropriate boundaries,

  • Authoritarian-style of power,

  • Rigid expectations for role fulfilment,

  • Sibling bullying behaviour,

  • Ignoring a child’s feelings or being dismissive of these,

  • External stresses / factors such as loss of employment, grief, illness, or other trauma,

  • Not providing for child’s basic needs, or making fulfilment of needs based conditional on child’s behaviour.

Small steps towards a healthier dynamic Here’s a few ideas for forming a healthier dynamic.

  • Learning how to communicate calmly and clearly where each member’s opinions are respected

  • Learning to listen

  • Learning to forgive

  • Celebrating the uniqueness of each family member

  • Showing affection toward one another

  • Setting firm boundaries

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