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'A' to 'Z' of Mental Health

A is for Attachment:

Attachment and bonding with a newborn is an important part of their development and wellbeing as this lays the foundation for childhood. Bonding and attachment is about responding to your newborn’s needs with affection and care, and in doing so you become a trusted person in their world. When a baby receives your love, affection, smiles, and cuddles they are able to feel that the world is safe place for them to explore which helps them grow mentally and physically.

Babies will use their body language to show you when they want to connect and strengthen their bond. They might smile, make little sounds, look around and show interest in what is around them. Parents and caregivers can use warmth and affection to help a baby feel safe, look at objects together, listen to their sounds, touch, cuddle and stroke a newborn. Holding a baby, gently rocking them or wrapping them tightly can also help a baby feel safe and secure. Lastly talking in soothing tones and singing songs together helps a baby feel connected.

While some parents feel connected the first time they see their baby, others don’t feel an instant connection. Forming a bond and attachment can sometimes take a few weeks or months as you get to know one another.

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